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Welcome to Ergon

Ergon International N.V. is a limited import and export company which has been supplying high quality vegetable seeds to the global market since 1995. The business is located in Enkhuizen, Netherlands. Ergon International is trading its vegetable seeds under the name of Ergon Seed.

Our primary objective is to supply the market with vegetable seeds of superior quality. We specialize in fruit-bearing crops such as determinate and indeterminate tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, watermelons, squash, eggplant and peppers. We also provide rootstock varieties for all sorts of vegetables.

We aim to create and to offer a broad assortment of vegetable seed varieties, matching the specific needs of our clients and their markets.

The team of Ergon International looks forward to sharing its expertise with you.


Thursday 1 October 2015

Ergon's leading tomato varieties

Pink Delight is an excellent variety for all kinds of indoor cultivation. It goes without saying that the variety is resistant to TmVF2N.

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