specialised in vegetable seeds

Our team

Jan J. de Bruin

managing director
e-mail: j.j.de.bruin@ergonseed.nl

Since 1995, the foundation of Ergon International, I have been striving to create the conditions appropriate for an excellent performance and continuous growth of the company.

Gert-Jan Dekker, MSc

technical sales engineer
e-mail: g.dekker@ergonseed.nl

Assisting and advising the key clients of Ergon in the Middle East, North Africa and Eastern Europe. I frequently visit the areas to stay in close contact with the farmers to exchange information and to learn more about their specific needs. In order to optimize the yield for the farmers we try to find and to grow the right variety at the right place and time.

Margreet de Boer-Appelman

manager operations
e-mail: m.de.boer@ergonseed.nl

Supervising, managing and guiding the total logistics of Ergon. This comprises planning of the seed production, quality control, stock management and maintaining contacts with producers, suppliers and clients. One of my goals is to have all disciplines cooperating well together to achieve our targets.

Ansela Dekker

customer service, various accounts
e-mail: a.dekker@ergonseed.nl

In my portfolio I have a wide number of accounts from various areas and with different backgrounds. I take care that our clients are getting the proper seeds, the desired packing and the required documents.

Miranda Raven

customer service – stock management and registration
e-mail: m.raven@ergonseed.nl

My main responsibilities are Ergon’s stock management, variety registration and customer service. I aim to carry out these administrative tasks in the best possible way.

Edwin Blom

junior account manager
e-mail: e.blom@ergonseed.nl

As junior account manager I am in close contact with our current clients and business relations. I assist my colleagues with their long experience in setting up new business activities in the areas where Ergon operates. Together with my customer service responsibilities, I try to have a contribution to the introduction of new selected varieties into the market and making them available on the market.

Lana de Bruin-Boon

non-sales related activities – website
e-mail: l.de.bruin@ergonseed.nl

Responsible for all non-sales related activities within Ergon. In addition, I am involved with all our website issues and the photography of our products both in our greenhouses and on location.

Julia Manshanden-Riepstra

e-mail: accountancy@ergonseed.nl

It is my job to keep the financial records for Ergon. I make sure the figures are accurate, up-to-date and crystal clear.

Margriet de Vries-Pouw

employee seed packing unit

Next to receiving and packing the vegetable seeds, I pay special attention to preparing the commercial samples, which I carry out with the greatest care. A good commercial introduction is the basis for a growing business.

Anneke Hovenier

crop care employee/assistant seed packing unit

As crop care employee I take great pleasure in carrying out all the necessary activities in our greenhouses. In addition,
I assist with the packing of the vegetable seeds. It is very precise work, to which I fully commit myself.

Evert Bakker

crop care employee

As crop care employee I am involved in interesting and accurate work in our greenhouses together with my colleague. From sowing, planting and all further activities up to and including the harvest, we ensure that all vegetable trials succeed as good as possible. Only then we are able to evaluate the various varieties in the right way and we learn about their suitability for the different regions all over the world.