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Tuesday 10 April 2018

Ergon's determinate blocky tomato varieties

Ergon’s determinate blocky tomato varieties ES 9152 F1, ES 9199 F1 and ES 9200 F1 are more and more in demand in many countries in Africa and the Middle East.

The reason for this is their wide adaptability, good disease package, uniform red fruits and the significant higher production of fruits (many fruits per plant) in comparison with competitive varieties.

The varieties can be grown both outdoor as bush tomato and on sticks and indoor as semi-determinate tomato on the wire.

ES 9152 F1
This variety is strong against diseases, including a good field tolerance against fusarium wilt. Very high production of nice, uniform fruits.

ES 9199 F1
Good disease package, firm, deep red fruits, good plant cover when cultivated outdoor/bush. Very productive variety.

ES 9200 F1
Very strong variety against diseases, including fusarium wilt. Good production potential.

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